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The Smart Choice Virginia Team provides excellent services and support with no upfront cost or fees. They have deep knowledge of insurance markets, carriers, marketing, agency technologies, management systems, and other insurance related resources--all of which they share willing with most available 24/7 on their SmartChoiceVirginia.com website. They help their Smart Choice agents grow profitably--regardless of size or stage of development--from startups to large, developed agencies. Perhaps most important to me, they are immediately responsive to phone calls, text, and emails. When I need them, they are available--even nights and weekends. Another reason the Smart Choice Virginia Team rises above in Support and Services is that Roger Gill has been a producing agent since 1997--as a captive Nationwide associate agent to founder of The Insurance Advisor independent agency--and he and Territory Manager Daniel Brown continue to write insurance and have a deep understanding of the carrier products, services, and systems. Therefore, I highly recommend Smart Choice and the Virginia Team to any Virginia or DC insurance agency.
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